If content is truly king, then design is surely the castle.

Welcome to Pypix.com, where we live, breathe, and eat everything about development with Python. We’re passionate about Python Development and everything that goes along with it. Our goal is to share the latest and greatest findings, tips, and techniques for web designers and developers in Python Community.
From Flask, Pyramid to SciPy, Pypix is the perfect showcase for Web savvy python Developers. You’ll find in-depth articles on a variety of red hot topics such as Pyramid, Django, Flask, Scientific Computation, usability, and more. Not to mention features looking at the business side of design, freelancing, mobile applications, inspiration, and resources, to name a few.
In short, if it relates to Python, we’re interested.
What do we know about development? Quite a bit actually. Pypix doesn’t just have its finger on the pulse of the modern Python Development world. It’s at the very heart of web development.
Pypix is a powerful collaboration between worldwide leading developers eager to share their knowledge. Expert developers from around the globe regularly contribute articles, features, and tutorials to help grow the design community.

Engineering Head

Ajay Kumar N

Ajay is the Engineering head at Pypix. A junior at SSN College of Engineering, Ajay’s passion for Python was evident when he finished Codecademy’s Python track in a day. Ajay hopes to make Pypix a one stop shop for Python aficionados.

Business Development & Strategy Head

Avinash C Ramanathan

Avinash is responsible for Biz Dev at Pypix. Avinash is also a junior at SSN majoring in Electrical Engineering.  He hopes that Pypix will be profitable enough to fund his dreams of world domination.